LMR@6 Newcomers

Our LMR@6pm is group open to both men and women and operates from 6:00pm to approx. 6.50/6.55pm on Wednesdays.

Offering a friendly and social environment these sessions are slightly shorter in length compared with our other groups and are generally aimed at either newcomers to running (i.e. those who may have recently completed our ‘Get into Running’ Course) or those looking to enjoy running as part of a group to complement their general and running fitness.  Sessions include general and running specific warm up exercises to help enhance general movement, reduce the risk of injury and improve technique and sessions are also structured to enable a group environment whilst still catering for all abilities. 

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Members’ Portal

Membership of the group does also include access to our members portal should you wish to use it which includes training schedules and link to running related content to help you with your training. You can set this up yourself once you have join the group.

To check availability at this group please contact info@leemerrienrunning.com

“Thanks a million for your help Lee! I’ve actually loved it” –  Tracey

”Thanks for your help and support I could not imagine doing this without the support from you and the group”.  Claire

“The sessions are different every week and designed to increase your stamina and speed. Without realising it, I am now running faster and pushing myself harder than I ever would have. Every couple of months there is a fitness test, where you can see and “feel” if you have made any improvements. To date, my mile time has decreased by nearly 2 minutes, something I would never have thought possible if I had been doing this on my own. There is good technical advice from Lee, and I have noticed that I now “run” rather than shuffle along. All the members are supportive of each other and there is a lot of encouragement from everybody.” – Ruth

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